IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE - The Musical premiered at Dallas' Majestic Theater on December 18, 1998 and ran for five Christmas seasons. The Dallas Morning News commented that "the musical is consistently impressive. The slick and memorable score and lush orchestrations capture the mood of the movie perfectly."

The musical was written as a traditional "book musical," (think Rodgers and Hammerstein) and seeks to entertain and inspire the audience with the now beloved story enhanced in the way only musical theater can. Fans of the movie will not be disappointed as it is a faithful adaptation that recognizes audience expectations, but the musical score adds charm and emotion to the experience.

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From the QUAD-CITY TIMES Review, Moline, IL:
December, 2006

" . . . the glorious "My Life," which George Bailey sings. It's a big song, full of overwhelming feeling and the performer a chance to show real depth."

"Second Class Angel" is a delightful song. The duet, "If You Want the Moon," is great, and Mary's solo, "My George Bailey," is moving as well.

"The "Best Holiday Show" award goes to Quad City Music Guild's inspiring "It's a Wonderful Life!"

December, 2006

" . . . the children in the It's a Wonderful Life audience appeared to watch Music Guild's production with rapt attention. We all did . . . the challenge of breathing new life into a story that most of us probably know far too well; familiarity with Frank Capra's movie may bring audiences to the theatre, but good luck getting us to stop thinking of the movie during its performance. Based on the enthusiastic - and more than deserved - standing ovation that greeted Music Guild's curtain call, however, I doubt that any of us still had Capra on the brain. The crowd may have attended the show already loving It's a Wonderful Life, but quickly enough, it was clear that what we were loving was this particular It's a Wonderful Life."

December, 1999

"This is a charming score with memorable songs and lush orchestrations."

Quad City Music Guild just completed a very successful run of your "wonderful" show - "It's A Wonderful Life". We had nearly sell-out shows for our 4 production dates and our audiences, cast and critics loved the production.

Everyone involved with the production was so pleased with the show. We were fortunate to have a tremendously talented cast and directing staff and they truly embraced the heart of "It's A Wonderful Life". The music added so much to the enjoyment of this classic story that our audiences were overwhelmed by the production.

I had more than one person mention that "It's A Wonderful Life" is their favorite movie and now they a terrific new version of the show to enjoy as much as the movie. This show made for an especially joyous holiday season for everyone involved.

Connie McGinn
President, Quad City Music Guild

Your version of IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE is OUTSTANDING! Our cast and audiences had a "wonderful" time and really responded to the songs in the score. We hope to repeat the show in 2007.

Philip Katz
Bucks County Playhouse
Bucks County, Pennsylvania